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PAVIMIR is therefore committed to:

  • To develop its activity in accordance with the requirements of customers and, simultaneously, the legal, regulatory and normative requirements in force, applicable to the product and to the quality management systems, in a sustained manner.

  • Privilege its employees by providing means, training and information, adequate conditions of safety and health at work, with a view to preventing injuries and health conditions, professional and personal development and reinforcing their involvement in the continuous improvement of the integrated management system .

  • Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with its suppliers by defining qualification criteria that ensure the quality of raw materials and the enhancement of its products.

  • Promoting technological investment and the profitability of its infrastructures, providing the continuous improvement of its production processes and the use of methodologies aimed at preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impacts associated with the activity, as well as the assessment and control of the risks that arise pose to the safety and health of employees.

  • Communicate and cooperate, whenever appropriate or required, with interested parties.

  • Systematically evaluate and review the Policy, the Integrated Management System, the Objectives and Targets to achieve continuous improvement and the effective performance of the Management System.


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